What type of shoes goes with everything?

One of the questions that women usually ask is what type of shoes goes with everything? Although this issue is also a question for men. When choosing shoes, all women and men get confused, because among countless types and colors, choosing a shoe that matches your clothes, the occasion for which you wear clothes, and your physical condition is not an easy task. Therefore, this article will mention what type of shoes goes with everything and the crucial points in choosing a suitable shoe.

what type of shoes goes with everything?

  • Leather sports shoes: You can wear sports shoes almost everywhere, except where there is a special uniform. You can buy white leather shoes according to the points that we will continue.
  • Shoes with neutral colors: choosing the right shoes with a shade close to your skin can be a good choice. The type of shoes can be sandals, formal shoes, or light and flat shoes. If you don’t like women’s shoes, you can wear shoes in metallic colors.
  • Closed-toe shoes: These shoes are perfect for hot, rainy days or parties where you prefer to have your feet covered. Your dressing style determines the type of shoes you should wear.
  • Summer sandal: Your sandal heel can be flat, small, pointed, or high. Choose whichever you are most comfortable with.

You can wear sandals with almost any outfit (pants, skirt, and shirt). However, you may prefer strappy sandals. There are different models of sandals on the market. Shoes with square toes are suitable for those with long toes. Before buying laced shoes, check your body measurements so that the shoes you buy do not make your feet look more prominent.

Simple tips for wearing the right shoes

An essential part of answering the question “what type of shoes goes with everything” is that you know how to wear the right shoes. So follow these tips and don’t worry about what type of shoes goes with everything!

  1. The more parts of your legs are exposed, the longer your legs will look. You can wear open shoes with a skirt, shirt, shorts or ripped jeans.
  2. Strappy shoes that wrap around the ankles make the ankles look bigger, and the legs look shorter. For this reason, some people do not like this type of shoe. However, if you are interested in wearing these shoes, you can buy a shoe with a strap that matches your skin tone.
  3. If you want your legs to look longer and slimmer, choose shoes that match your clothes. The color of the shoes you choose should not be precisely the same as your pants or skirt. Imagine your legs and dresses in a black and white photo. Are your shoes the same color as your feet? A similar light can make your legs more beautiful.
  4. The heel size of your shoe should be proportional to your body shape. You can calculate your right heel size with a simple search on body shape. If you have chubby feet, wearing shoes with narrow heels will make your feet look bigger. Use wedge shoes to make you look taller.
  5. If you have narrow feet, wearing shoes that are too big or have wide straps will make your feet look smaller. That’s how you figure out what type of shoes goes with everything.

What type of shoes goes with everything depends on your situation and conditions. Therefore, we will go through several different situations.

What occasion are you going out for?

Paying attention to where you want to wear the shoes can help you choose the right shoes. If the shoes don’t fit the occasion, it doesn’t matter what style, comfortable, or discount you bought; they are the wrong pair of shoes.

Shiny shoes are not suitable for work, and a pair of flip-flops is not ideal for a formal event. So how do you know which shoes to wear?

For casual occasions, you can wear flat and comfortable shoes, and for more formal occasions, you can wear more stylish and shiny shoes. However, this method can become repetitive for you after a while. If you want to wear different shoes without following the fashion, you can buy fashionable shoes with unique colors or added decorative pieces.

Another way to choose shoes is to match the color of the sports shoes with the color of the jeans or match the color of the sandals with the color of the jackets you have. But even if you want to use this method to choose shoes, you should pay attention to the situation in which you want to wear the shoes.

Think about the events and their locations. For example, it is better to leave your high heels if you want to go on a picnic in the park. But, of course, choosing the right shoes for formal events and work is more important.

What season do you want to buy shoes for?

We all agree that you can’t wear flip-flops or sandals with a fall outfit. One of the easiest ways to choose the right shoes is to choose according to the season.

Wearing sandals is suitable for summer and will make your feet cold in the cold season. Warm boots should be worn with warm clothes. But just as you can wear some models of leather shoes in the summer season, open-front shoes can also be worn in the autumn and winter. It all depends on your taste.

Important tips when choosing the color of shoes

Choose a color that is in harmony with your clothes: the color of your shoes should not be seen separately from the rest of the clothes, choose a color that has good harmony with the rest of the clothes, for example, a black shoe can be the right choice in all situations, although it is not the best choice.

Make your simple dress more attractive with shoes: pay attention to the rest of your clothes to observe the principle of balance in choosing shoes. If all your clothes are simple and in neutral colors, a colored shoe with decorations and designs can be a good choice, provided the color is harmonious. It should be observed with the rest of the clothes.

Balance your colorful clothes with simple shoes: If your clothes are diverse in color and design, you should wear simple shoes. Also, black shoes can be an excellent choice to balance your style.

Do not wear the same color: if your clothes are the same color, for example, wearing a blue blouse and blue pants, you should not wear blue shoes. Of course, this rule does not apply to neutral colors such as black, chestnut, and cream.

Use colors of the same family: instead of choosing the same shade of everything, use colors of the same family; for example, if your dress is pink, instead of wearing pink shoes, use peach or orange shoes.

Consider the rules of formal clothes: Some situations, such as formal parties or work and educational places, have special rules for the clothing and color of clothes and shoes, which you must consider when choosing shoes.

Essential tips in choosing high heels

Match the heel height with the outfit you are wearing: High heels are beautiful and flatter your figure, but they cannot be worn with every outfit and in every situation. For example, you should not wear high heels with a short dress; the length of the skirt and mantle you wear with high heels should be at least knee length. The lower the height of the shoe heel, the shorter the length of the appropriate dress.

Avoid wearing heels higher than 12 cm: Although high heels make you look taller and have longer legs, if the heel height exceeds a specific limit, it will have the opposite effect, especially if you have fat and short legs. Remember that the most suitable size for the heel of the shoe is between 7 and 11 cm.

Choose the right shape for the toe: If you have big feet, avoid wearing high heels with narrow and pointed toes because it will make your feet look more prominent. Instead, square forms and round tips are more suitable for these feet.

Wear high-heeled shoes with formal or semi-formal attire: The primary use of high-heeled shoes and high-heeled sandals is in formal gatherings and parties, but in some semi-formal situations, high-heeled shoes can also be used.

Important tips in choosing flat shoes

Wear flat shoes with the right clothes: We said that the lower the height of the shoe heel, the shorter the appropriate clothes, so you should not wear flat shoes with long dresses. But there is nothing wrong with wearing flat ballet shoes, which are simple and laced flat shoes, with a midi skirt that is mid-calf in length. It is also not recommended to wear flat shoes with tight pants, especially if you have fat legs.

Don’t wear flat shoes with formal clothes: Women’s flat shoes are semi-formal, comfortable, and usually unsuitable for formal style. If you want to choose the right shoes for your work clothes, use heels or use flat shoes with standard and dark colors such as black and brown.


Important tips in choosing boots and boots

Wear boots and boots in autumn and winter: Winter boots and boots protect your feet from cold air and keep them warm, and are suitable for cold and snowy weather.

Wear the boot with the right outfit: for the boots to look beautiful and stylish on your legs, wear them with tight, straight, dark-colored pants so that they fit comfortably inside the boot and make the legs appear more elongated.

Choose the right boot for snowy weather: Look at your boot’s bottom to ensure it’s not covered. The heel and sole of your chosen boot should be wide enough so that walking and maintaining balance on slippery surfaces is not a problem.

This article lets you know what type of shoes goes with everything. If you still have a question in this field, you can write to us in the comments section. At TopLifeTrend magazine, we try to cover the latest developments in the world of fashion and beauty and introduce the top trends. So if you have a comment on this article, please feel free to share it with us.

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