What to wear with short skirts?

Short skirts date back to 1920 yet still they are popular. Of course, they are not as popular as jeans like now but they are still fashionable in 2022. Although they had their ups and downs throughout the years, they are an integral part of summer 2022. You can look fashionable if you know what to wear with short skirts.

If you want to know how to wear a magnificent short skirt outfit, read this article to the end.

What to wear with black short skirts?

Yes! You can match different things with a black short skirt. This way you look casual and like a naughty schoolgirl. Here are some styles for black short skirts outfits:

Want to look unexpectedly cool? Try a black short skirt with a white print crew neck t-shirt. Other things you need to complete this outfit are black fishnet tights, navy low top canvas sneakers and a black flat cap. For the bag, you can choose a black and white horizontal striped leather crossbody bag.

You can match the same black short skirt with another t-shirt as well. In order to have an off-duty look, wear a beige crew neck t-shirt. For footwear, you can wear black leather knee high gladiator sandals. A black leather crossbody bag would be a wise choice too.

Try the killer casual ensemble with a black cropped top and a burgundy blazer and of course black short skirts. To finish up this summer combination add a pair of black suede heeled pumps.

Some people think that black is too dull. Not only is it not dull but also you can add color – and life – to it with orange. Match an orange silk tank with a black short skirt to look fabulous. When it comes to shoes, go for something comfy. A pair of brown suede heeled sandals would be perfect.

What to wear with denim short skirts?

Denim is never obsolete. If you want to be in style, have a denim short skirt in your wardrobe and wear it occasionally. You can go for different styles, some of which are presented here:

In order to look classy wear your denim short skirts with a light blue tie-dye off shoulder top for a casual ensemble. Spice it up with grey suede wedge sandals. The last thing needed would be a grey leather crossbody bag.

For an off-duty look, you can go for a white chiffon peasant blouse to match your denim short skirt. The complement of this outfit would be black leather heeled sandals and a black leather belt.

If it is never too cold for a denim short skirt. Even if it is, why not try black tights? Wear a white crew neck t-shirt and a navy double breasted blazer. Finish this comfy and chic outfit with white leather ankle boots and a black leather handbag to add a bit of formality to it.

Even in winter, you can wear a denim short skirt outfit. Marry a blue denim short skirt with a light blue denim jacket. Still cold? Wear a charcoal turtleneck over your white dress shirt and under a charcoal cardigan. Add to it black wool tights and a black and white print bandana. Black suede over the knee boots is the best choice for footwear.

What to wear with red short skirts?

Should not every woman have a red short skirt in their wardrobe? They absolutely should! Some styles with red short skirts are listed here for those who are into red:

To look relaxed yet ready for anything, try a red short skirt with a white lace sleeveless top. A black trench coat goes best with this combo. The only thing that is missing here is a pair of red rain boots.

Red leather is also fashionable. Match a red leather short skirt with a white and red print crew neck t-shirt. Red elastic ankle boots and black sunglasses are also needed for this style. You can use accessories like a gold choker and a gold bracelet.

A grey long sleeve blouse and a red short skirt are the ultimate casual outfit. For something more on the classy side choose a pair of black suede heeled sandals. Now your business-formal outfit is completed.

To look like a naughty school girl, wear your red short skirt with a grey crew neck t-shirt and a burgundy velvet blazer. To look more glamorous go for black suede lace-up ankle boots. The last thing is a burgundy backpack and you are done.

What to wear with white short skirts?

White is always stylish and favorable to many people. You can match it easily with many other pieces of clothing. Here are some suggestions:

Pink and white should be always worn together! A pink tank and a white short skirt are always the best matches. Add to it beige leather knee high gladiator sandals and a pink quilted leather crossbody bag to finish it up.

If you are looking for a relaxed yet seriously chic outfit, wear your white short skirt with a blue long sleeve blouse. You can look dressed up by adding one other option: a pair of blue leather heeled sandals. Oh! Do not forget a black leather crossbody bag.

What to wear with short skirts

White and black can always be the choice! Wear your white short skirt with a black silk tank. Wrap up this outfit with beige leather thong sandals and a black leather satchel bag.

Why not wear it all white? A white short skirt goes well with a white long sleeve blouse. To finish this style, choose a pair of beige suede loafers.

What to wear with grey short skirts?

Grey is the best color for a day-to-day outfit. So, it should always be among your clothes. A grey short skirt can be matched with different things. Here you can see some suggestions:

A laid-back outfit can be made with a grey short skirt and a white dress shirt. Wear a brown wool blazer over the shirt to look more beautiful. To give your outfit a more relaxed spirit, wear white leather low top sneakers.

If you have a charcoal skirt, wear this outfit. A blue cropped top and a white leather biker jacket to look stylish. A pair of white leather low top sneakers and a beige quilted leather crossbody bag to look classier. And this would be the outfit.

Grey can also be formal. Wear a grey check short skirt and a grey check double breasted blazer. Under the blazer wear a black turtleneck. This practical outfit can be wrapped up with a pair of black leather mules and a black leather satchel bag.

What to wear with striped short skirts?

Striped short skirts are popular among some people but others do not believe that they can make a proper outfit out of them. Here, it is proved that they are stylish striped short skirt outfits. Some fashionable outfits are listed here:

The awesome look of a grey vertical striped short skirt and a dark green coat should not be doubted. For the shirt, go for a white dress shirt. The last thing to add to this outfit would be white low top sneakers. You are ready for a laid-back evening!

A navy vertical striped short skirt is also a good choice. It goes well with a white cropped top and a black leather biker jacket. To make this outfit look even chicer add black and white check low top sneakers to the mix and finished.

What to wear with short skirts

A horizontal striped short skirt is also a good choice. Wear a grey horizontal striped short skirt with a grey polka dot crew neck sweater. To add more sense of casualty to the combo, hot pink rain boots would be good choices. Choose a light blue leather satchel bag to finish up this outfit.

Bonus tips

Do not forget a multicolored horizontal mini skirt if you are looking for a casual outfit. wear it with a black fringe cropped top and a brown leather bomber jacket. A leather crossbody bag finishes this style perfectly.

A black silk tank and a brown horizontal striped short skirt are great pieces of clothing that will look extremely casual. In the footwear department, go for something on the more elegant end of the spectrum by wearing black suede heeled sandals. Do not forget a black leather tote bag.

As was mentioned, there is a myriad of other outfits with short skirts. They are getting more and more popular every day all over the world and they are available in different colors and patterns. So, only find your favorite color and pattern and then go look for the best style for that short skirt. Do not forget, short skirts are not only for summer as having a proper style, you can also wear them in winter without feeling cold.

At TopLifeTrend magazine, we try to cover the latest developments in the world of fashion and beauty and introduce the top trends. If you have any questions about what to wear with short skirts or any other suggestions except for the ones mentioned here, feel free to let us know in the comments section.

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