What to wear with a short ruffle skirt?

What to wear with a short ruffle skirt? Ruffle skirts are not to everybody’s taste. But they can make you look stylish if they are matched well with other pieces of clothing or accessories. If you do not know what to wear or how to make a fashionable outfit with short ruffle skirts reading this article is highly recommended.

As you may know, ruffle skirts used to be trendy in the 70s and the 80s. However, they got out of fashion in the 90s. The interesting point about iconic fashion trends is that they find their way back to the fashion world. The chic, vintage and classic ruffle skirts are now back in trend and we see them again in the wardrobes of many different celebrities. And it always starts like that, when celebrities wear them, then other women all over the world start wearing them. In summer and spring, more and more people generally wear skirts and a high percentage of them choose short ruffle skirts. Ruffle skirts are good for looks from casual to formal and from office to outing looks.

But do ruffle skirts look good on everybody?

Does The Ruffle Skirt Suit me?

Ruffle skirts suit everybody; you just have to find the best style of ruffle skirt. Here are some tips:

If your body shape is hourglass-toned, the short ruffle skirts suit you best. They look fabulous for young girls and young women.

What to wear with a short ruffle skirt

If you are a plus size, you would better avoid short ruffle skirts; however, you can go for cascading effect ruffle skirts. A knee-length skirt with frills also looks good on people who are plus size.

For those who have a petite figure, try full ruffles in a frilly skirt to look marvelous. But do not forget that a frilled skirt is mainly best for women who are in their young age.

How can I style short ruffle skirts?

There are different ways for styling your short ruffle skirt. Yes, you may think that ruffle skirts do not need styling as they have asymmetric, chic and mesmerizing appearances but even ruffle skirts may look dull lacking a proper style. Here some tips for styling short ruffle skirts are presented.

  1. White is the best color for ruffle skirts. You can pair your white short ruffle skirt – plain or with patterns – with white shirts, white sleeveless tops, white fancy tops, tank tops or even a basic tee and in all cases look elegant. No matter whether it is office time, a party, or a casual get-together, you always look fantastic.
  2. If you want to wear a short ruffle skirt at other times of the year rather than spring and summer, it is always possible to add on a blazer or a light sweater to your outfit in chilly weather. Keep in mind that the color and pattern of your blazer or jacket should always match your outfit.
  3. Short ruffle skirts – and ruffles in general – go best with accessories. Add accessories to your outfit. For your wrists, you can wear a watch, a bracelet or even a hand ring. Depending on your top you can choose a beautiful piece for your neck too. And do not forget the earrings!
  4. As ruffle skirts are feminine, you have to go with feminine and stylish footwear. Some examples are pumps, heels, wedges and sandals. But never go for sneakers!

Some outfits suggestions for short ruffle skirts

If you think about what to pair with a burgundy short ruffle skirt, here is a suggestion: Wear your burgundy short ruffle skirt with a black blazer. For cloth under the blazer go for a white crew-neck T-shirt. For footwear, pair of burgundy flat sandals are perfect. Add to it, a black leather tote bag and a silver watch and your off-duty look is ready.

White short ruffle skirts are versatile and should be found in every woman’s wardrobe. To style your white short ruffle skirt here is a tip: wear your white short ruffle skirt with a white cropped top. To look white from top to bottom, for footwear, go for a pair of white sandals. A white leather clutch is also needed to finish this style. If you do not want to look white all over, silver sandals and a clutch would be the second best choice for you.

The second multipurpose color after white is black. So if you want to have a capsule wardrobe, you should have a black short ruffle skirt. You will be amazed at how easily you can put together a laid-back ensemble with a black short ruffle skirt. All you need is a white crew-neck T-shirt. Over the T-shirt go for a white tweed jacket. To spice your outfit up, choose a black quilted leather crossbody bag and a pair of black leather sandals.

Another fashionable style with a black short ruffle skirt is to pair it with a white long sleeve turtleneck. You will look even more amazing putting on a long blue coat over this combo. For footwear, a pair of grey cutout suede ankle boots are suggested. Your casual outfit is ready.

Pink, as many people say, is the most ladylike color. So if you want to look girly, you can wear a pink short ruffle skirt. A perfect style is presented here: wear your pink short ruffle skirt with a pink leather biker jacket. For under the jacket, go for a pink cropped top that gives you a fabulous look. In order to cut down on the casualness of this outfit wear a pair of beige leather pumps. Do not forget the accessories. The best accessories for this outfit would be a silver watch and black sunglasses.

In order to look classy, the best choice would be a white lace short ruffle skirt. It is very easy to pair. A grey crew-neck T-shirt, a pink leather tote bag and a pair of pink sandals are all the essentials for this outfit.

For ones who are into flashy colors – and also the ones who are not – there is a fabulous combo with a hot pink short ruffle skirt. In order to look stylish, pair a hot pink short ruffle skirt and a black knit oversized sweater. The combo of black and hot pink makes you look instantly cooler. If you prefer a sophisticated look rather than a straightforward one, wear a pair of brown leopard suede ankle boots as footwear. The only thing missing is a lack quilted leather crossbody bag.

If you want to add to your class and elegance, you can opt for a short layered ruffle skirt. Here is a suggestion for that. Match a smoked short layered ruffle skirt with a sleeveless red top. To this casual outfit add a pair of grey leather ankle boots and a grey sling bag. If you want, you can wear a red T-shirt instead of a top. Keep in mind that this outfit looks best on people who have thin and petite bodies.

Even for the ones who are into floral patterns, an outfit is suggested here. Pair a white floral short ruffle skirt and a crop top with the same pattern. This outfit is perfect for parties, especially for young girls and women. In order to look even more mesmerizing opt for a pair of red pumps or heeled sandals and a red leather clutch. Do not forget the accessories to spice up your outfit.

The last style presented here is for those who think that it is impossible to have a good outfit with checks short ruffle skirt. A grey checks short ruffle skirt looks fabulous with a white shirt or a crop top with the same color and pattern. This style is mainly for those who look for a versatile yet chic office wear. This look is also perfect for any other formal occasion such as meetings and formal parties.

As was mentioned, there are lots of other outfits that you can wear with short ruffle skirts. Also, as ruffle skirts are again getting more and more popular every day all over the world, they are available in different colors and patterns. So, at first, you have to find your preferred color and pattern and after that go look for the best style for that ruffle skirt. Do not forget, although short ruffle skirts are mainly for summer and spring, you can also wear them in winter paired with proper clothing.

At TopLifeTrend magazine, we try to cover the latest developments in the world of fashion and beauty and introduce the top trends. If you have any questions about what to wear with short ruffle skirts, feel free to let us know in the comments section. Also, you are welcome to share with us any other suggestions except for the ones mentioned here.

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