What to wear over a dress?

A question many women ask themselves before going out: what to wear over a dress. There are many reasons for wearing something over a dress. Maybe the person wants to avoid cold weather. Maybe she wants to cover her arms and body to protect herself from the sun’s shine, or maybe someone wants to wear something over her dress to look classier. Whatever the reason for wearing something over a dress is, here are some suggestions for it.

What to wear over a dress?

Wearing a blazer over a dress

Although some people believe that blazers are just too formal and maybe old-fashioned, they are always the best option to wear over your dress, whether you are going to a wedding or a family dinner. Especially in winter, when the weather is cold and chilly, blazers are the best choice to stay warm and comfortable.

Wearing a coat over a dress

Coats always come in handy. you can always wear a coat over your dress. There are different styles of coats whichever you like you can wear. If you want to keep yourself warm try a pea coat. Pea coats are fancy yet fashionable. They can be worn by people of any age in any color or size. They look fantastic with a dress. You can also button up your pea coat as if you are wearing a coat and a skirt.

For women who want to look stylish, there is another option. Faux fur coats are always comfortable, warm, and attractive. You can always wear them over your dress in winter to avoid the cold. If you want to look even classier, try a pair of sneakers or boots with this combo.

Another coat that never goes out of fashion is the trench coat. The fascinating point about trench coats is that they can be formal or informal depending on your outfit. as a result, you can wear a trench coat with any dress, whether it is formal, semi-casual or casual.

What to wear over a dress

What if you want to wear a dress in harsh weather? Some people may say that you should avoid wearing a dress when it is very cold. But they are wrong! Not only can you wear a dress in harsh weather, but also you can look chicer by wearing a long fur coat over it. This coat alongside wool tights and leather boots would protect you from any rain or snow, not to mention make you look more attractive.

Wearing a jacket over a dress

Wearing a jacket is a suggestion for any woman who thinks blazers and coats are just too formal. In order to wear a casual piece of clothing over your casual dress, go for a denim jacket. You can wear a denim jacket over any dress, long or short, or plain or patterned.

Another kind of jacket that can always make you look fashionable is a leather jacket. No matter what your style or personality is, a leather jacket is always useful to you. You can wear it over any dress and match it with black leather pumps or sneakers and a black leather satchel bag.

A woolen jacket with a belt is another option to wear over your dress in winter. It adds to formality, so better to wear it in formal situations. It keeps you warm and also stylish.

If you are looking for something with extra warmth go for a soldier jacket. It is thicker and warmer than other kinds of jackets and goes well with any dress. If you button it up as if you are wearing a skirt, you will look stylish, too.

If you are going to a cold place, such as Alaska or Norway, do not forget to take a long jacket with you. For areas with cold climates, a long jacket is a good choice to wear over your dress as it helps you keep warm and comfortable.

Have you ever heard of tweed jackets? It is a jacket made of high quality pure wool that is mostly considered Scottish or Irish. If you want to look stylish and be warm at the same time, a tweed jacket is the only option you have. It goes well with any dress or skirt and it can be casual or formal depending on your other pieces of clothing.

If you only want to wear something over your dress to cover your arms and look classy, you can wear a lace jacket. They look best with sleeveless dresses. However, they are mainly worn with formal dresses and are not considered casual.

Wearing a sweater over a dress

Women whose style is more casual and do not want to go for coats or blazers can have another excellent choice and wear sweaters over their dresses. It keeps the person warm and is always handy.

If you want to add some spice to your style you can wear a sweater vest under the sweater. With a sweater vest, you will look warm and also fashionable.

If you do not want to spend too much on your outerwear yet you want to look stylish, the best choice would be a V-neck sweater. It is not expensive and it can be worn over a dress. When you wear it over a dress, it looks like you are wearing a sweater and a skirt. Also, it can be easily packed in your handbag if you do not need it.

For women who are into fashion, there is another option. Wear a cropped long sleeve sweater over your dress to be comfortable, warm and more importantly fashionable. Moreover, it looks good with other clothing such as skirts, shorts or slacks and so is a must have in your wardrobe.

If you are into sweaters and you live in a cold area, go for a long sweater. It is stylish and can also keep you warm. Also, it would become so versatile in your wardrobe as you can wear it with different things.

Wearing a kimono over a dress

A kimono should always be a part of any woman’s wardrobe. They always make you look great regardless of your age and situation. Kimonos can be worn over any dress whether it is casual or formal. In formal stations, such as weddings you can wear a kimono to cover your arms and chest, as they come in different colors, you can wear a color that matches the color of your dress. In a casual situation, such as a weekend picnic or going out with friends after work, you can wear a kimono to give you flexibility and freer movements. You can wear them all year long to look beautiful and stylish.

Wearing a scarf over a dress

Sometimes you do not want to wear a jacket, a coat or a blazer, but you want to cover your body and also look stylish. In that case, you should go for an oversized scarf. They look comfy and stylish and as they come in different colors and patterns you can wear them with different dresses whether it is casual or formal.

Wearing a fur shawl over a dress

Have you seen the queens in the times of old? Do you want to look like them? If yes, a fur shawl is a necessity. It goes well with a formal dress, especially for weddings and very formal occasions. You will look warm, fashionable and queenly with a fur shawl around your shoulders.

Wearing a hoodie over a dress

The last suggestion on this list is a hoodie. A hoodie is a piece of clothing that can be worn over or under other pieces of dressing. It is usually worn under a jacket but it is also stylish to wear over a casual dress to have a casual evening with your friends. As they come in different colors, almost any casual outfit looks fantastic with these clothes.

What to wear over a dress

If you want to look even more fashionable and teenager, you can wear a cropped hoodie over your dress. It is suitable for casual dresses and is not considered formal. Also, as it can be worn with different clothes such as skirts, shorts and slacks, it is a must-have in your wardrobe.

In conclusion, as was mentioned, it is your choice what to wear over your dress or even not to wear anything over it. Keep in mind that there are lots of other things such as capes, vests, cloaks, cardigans and even shirts to wear over your dress depending on your style and the occasion.

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