What shoes to wear with skirts and tights?

What shoes to wear with skirts and tights? Tights are something that should be found in every woman’s wardrobe as they are many other pieces of clothing to style from shorts to skirts. You can even wear them to add a layer to your outfit in cooler months of the year or just to spice up your outfit in other months of the year. Another option is to wear them with shorts, dresses and skirts. However, when pairing a pair of tights with skirts, another question arises: what shoes to wear with skirts and tights?

Of course, there are certain shoes and heels that look fabulous with tights and skirts. If you want to find out what are the best shoes that go with stockings and tights, which tights with heels look best and if you can wear tights with open-toed shoes, do not miss this article.

What shoes to wear with skirts and tights?

Ankle boots with tights

In cold weather such as autumn or winter, the best outfit would be a skirt, tights and a pair of ankle boots. Especially, teenage girls who look fabulous in ankle boots can easily wear them with their uniform to school or to college. Generally, ankle boots are the most popular style of boots among all women of different ages and they look really great with tights or even socks. They come in various styles, patterns and colors. If you want a pair of ankle boots that is versatile everywhere and anywhere with tights go for black leather or suede ankle boots that are all-time favorites but you can have them in different colors. As an example, white leather ankle boots look great with white, lace or semi-sheer black tights, or beige ankle boots look excellent with brown sheer tights.

Complete these outfits of ankle boots and tights with a mini skirt and a cardigan, and also a cute purse. A style is presented here:

Wear a check mini skirt and a check dress shirt. Add to it black tights and a pair of leather lace-up ankle boots. To spice this outfit up wear a black beret and do not forget a burgundy leather handbag.

Platform sandals with tights

If your question is if you can wear tights with heels, I have to say yes! And for those who think that platform sandals are old-fashioned, I have to say that they are back in trend and the good news is they look great with tights.‌ From fishnet tights to sheer tights and shiny tights, all of them can be considered with platform sandals.

Thick tights that are worn in cold weather go best with suede, velvet and contrast color sandals. Metallic and leather sandals are for opaque black tights. The only thing to avoid is matching black tights and black sandals. White tights are the best matches for black or colored sandals, they look especially great with pastel color sandals. Moreover, the combination of opaque tights and shiny metallic sandals or patent styles looks best with a satin skirt and suit.

A style with sandals, tights and a skirt is suggested in this part:

You can wear a grey skater skirt with black wool tights and a pair of black chunky suede heeled sandals. Add to this combo a grey crew-neck sweater. To look less simple add accessories such as a black leather satchel bag and a silver necklace.

High heel pumps with tights

Will pumps and tights ever get out of fashion? So far, it seems impossible. This combo has always been timeless and yet will be. To look eternal, you can wear opaque, pastel or colorful tights with pumps. Also with black or colored lace tights, you can try a pair of black patent, multi-strap pumps to add class and style to your outfit.

This comb is also versatile for a formal look at work. Simple opaque black tights with black leather pumps or sheer skin-tone pantihose with neutral pumps are best for work. You can match both with a grey skirt suit. You can finish up these outfits with a trench or a blazer.

Here is a suggestion for an off-duty outfit with tights, pumps and a skirt:

The point about this outfit is that it is best for when you are in no time. Pair your pink skirt with black wool tights and a pair of brown chunky leather pumps. Add to it a beige turtle-neck. If you think that this look is too simple, you can go for a white leather crossbody bag to spice this outfit up.

What shoes to wear with skirts and tights: Loafers!

Many people prefer loafers with socks, and many others prefer them without socks, but these are not the only styles possible for loafers. They look even better with tights! Semi-sheer black tights with or without a polka dot detail look fabulous with a chunky black pair of Prada loafers. Another pair is black fishnets with black loafers. These days,  layering white ankle socks over sheer tights and loafers is the most prevalent trend. Another great option here is opaque colorful tights with black loafers in cold times of the year. All of these combos look good with short skirts and plaid blazers.

For those who deem a casual yet stylish look we have a suggestion here:

For winter days, the combo of a black puffer coat and a black leather mini skirt is amazing in a casual outfit. Add to it a white and black print hoodie. The most spicy thing that is left here is a pair of black fishnet tights. To spice this outfit up go for a pair of silver leather platform loafers and a dark brown print leather backpack.

Combat boots with tights

Combat boots are military boots that are designed for soldiers during combat training. In everyday life and for normal people, these can add an extra edge to people’s outfits. To add even more style you can pair them with tights.

The classic combat boots come in black but avoid being shy and go for other colors such as white combat boots. These go best with black fishnet tights, opaque, semi-opaque or sheer black tights, and ribbed knit black, burgundy or dark grey pair of tights for cooler days depending on your taste and the weather. The best skirt to match these pieces of clothing is a floral midi skirt with a sweater or a blazer.

Black or white sneakers with tights

If you think sneakers are only for socks, you are so wrong. They look great with a pair of tights in a proper outfit. You can add sneakers to almost any outfit with tights to reduce the formality. Sneakers look best, especially with check mini skirts, like teenage school girls. You can wear tights with black or white sneakers depending on your taste. Here is an outfit suggested:

Marry a blue denim midi skirt to a pair of black fishnet tights. For footwear go for black and white canvas high top sneakers. If you have no extra time to spend wear a yellow crew-neck T-shirt and a yellow puffer jacket and you are done.

Shoes that should never be worn with tights

So far, this article was only about styles with different kinds of shoes and tights. However, there are some shoes that should never be paired with tights. Here is the list:

Peep-toe shows whether they are heels or flat do not look good with tights especially if the front seams of tights are seen.

Classic style cowboy boots look great with the right outfit, but that right outfit does not have tights. However, you can wear cowboy boots with leggings or even certain lace tights.

Strappy flat sandals are a must not for tights. Avoid this combo in any condition.

Although classic style ballerina flats look ok with sheer tights with no pattern, thicker tights should be avoided with ballerina flats. So, if you want to wear ballerina flats go for bare feet or socks that are a no-show.

Open-toed shoes and tights

Although peep-toe shoes are not ok to wear with tights, with the right tights you can wear open-toed shoes. Heeled sandals with ankle straps are the best open-toed shoes to wear with tights. And that is because the tights are shown from the heel, the sides and the ankle, not just at the front like peep-toe shoes which is kind of awkward.

So, what shoes to wear with skirts and tights?

Now, that you learned about different styles with shoes, tights and skirts, you are ready to find your own style. Tights, whether plain or patterned, sheer or opaque, black or polka-dot can completely change your outfit. Of course, there are other shoes that are not mentioned here but look good with tights and skirts. Anyway, if you are comfortable with a style do not bother yourself to change it.

At TopLifeTrend magazine, we try to cover the latest developments in the world of fashion and beauty and introduce the top trends. If you have any comments, questions or other suggestions about what shoes to wear with tights and skirts, please feel free to let us know in the comments section, below.

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