what is fashion merchandising?

what is fashion merchandising and for what purpose is it done? How can you be successful in this field and get the most out of it? What is a fashion merchandiser? Why do we need a merchandiser for business growth and development? You will get the answers to all these questions in this article from TopLifeTrend magazine. So, if you want to know what is fashion merchandising, stay with us.

What is merchandising?

Merchandising means reimbursement and it is one of those marketing methods that are done at the point of sale to encourage the customer to buy.

When you enter a shopping mall, you will probably go to one of them that has a more beautiful and stylish window among several similar stores in that mall. generally, the type of product arrangement has a direct effect on attracting the attention of the audience.

In merchandising, we try to attract the attention of the audience and encourage them to buy with the correct and principled arrangement of goods. In this method, a certain type of product can be exposed to attention more than other products; Or do this for several different products.

This means that if you want to sell one of the products in the store more than other products, using this marketing method will be a good suggestion for you.

What is fashion merchandising?

Now the question arises what is fashion merchandising? In fact, presenting clothes or accessories made by a brand to the right audience at the right time and place is called fashion merchandising. This process includes tasks such as planning and product promotion. For such work, brands hire fashion merchandisers. Or big brands dedicate a team to this task, whose job is to give advice to the design, marketing, and sales team. What is the purpose of fashion merchandising? Achieving the highest profit for the brand.

Who is a merchandiser?

A merchandiser is a person who is present in the store with the purpose of arranging the products correctly and properly. In other words, by following the principles of store marketing and by knowing your target audience, he tries to encourage the audience to buy and convert them into customers.

If you plan to use the merchandising method for in-store marketing, you will definitely need a merchandiser in your marketing team. Merchandisers must be creative and tasteful and have the ability to analyze the behavior of the audience and the effect of product arrangement on sales. Of course, familiarity with marketing principles can be introduced as the most important skill of a merchandiser.

What is the purpose of fashion merchandising?

Although this work has many advantages, it is done with two general goals, each of which we describe here.

Attract customer attention

If your store window is arranged with a special design and merchandising principles, the attention of the audience will be drawn to it and the probability of buying from them will increase. With this method, you can arrange your desired products in such a way that they are seen more than other products and attract the attention of people.

Optimum use of store space

If you have a small store and you don’t have enough space to arrange products, merchandising will help you. In this way, you can make maximum use of the minimal space of the store.

What are the important things in fashion merchandising?

When you deal with fashion merchandising, you should pay attention to some important points to get the desired result.

Showcase arrangement

The shop window is the first thing that attracts the audience. By putting up a showcase, you introduce your store to others and encourage them to enter the store.

Arrangement of goods inside the store

After people enter the store, you have to convert them into customers, and one of the ways to do this is to arrange the goods and items inside the store correctly. Inside the store, you should place the products next to each other in such a way that the audience feels a need when they see them. Placing related clothes next to each other is one of these ways to create a sense of need in the customer. In such a way that by buying a product, a person will see the products that are placed next to it and maybe be encouraged to buy them.

Knowing the audience

Knowing the audience in any marketing method is one of the main and most important steps that you should do. Merchandising is no exception to this, and before doing it, you must identify your target audience and research them well.

Principles of fashion merchandising

In merchandising, you need to know which products to display at what time, in which part of the store, at what price, and with what arrangement. Therefore, knowing the target audience is very important. Because with this, you know how to introduce your store’s products to your customers.

One of the most important principles of fashion merchandising is choosing the right area for arrangement on the store shelf. Clothes and accessories that are at the level of the buyer’s vision are more noticed and sell more. This is also used in everyday life. For example, when we open the refrigerator door, we usually do not pay attention to the lower floors and even take a bottle of water that is available.

Based on this, store merchandising specialists have divided the arrangement areas into four areas so that they can make maximum use of the spaces. and arrange the products based on the characteristics of the customers.

what is fashion merchandising

According to the photo above, the store shelf is divided into four vertical parts based on the customer’s perspective:

Stretch level

This area is one of the least valuable areas. It is even used as a small warehouse for products in some stores. Those in charge of the arrangement should pay attention to placing light products in this area so that if the products fall, the customers will not be harmed. For example, put earrings on this floor and shoes on lower floors. But in crowded stores where maximum space should be used, lesser-known brands are placed in this area.

Eye level

Products placed in this area will receive the most attention and the most sales. In reputable stores, there is fierce competition to own this level, and the suppliers try to get the best part of the shelf, which is the level of the customer’s view, by increasing the right of the shelf. Products in the viewing area have about 35% more sales than in other areas. Retailers place products in this area that are most profitable. Eye level is buying level is a famous saying that is used to describe this area.

Touch level

Products with high-profit margins are also placed at this level. Because they are more attention compared to stretch level and stoop level. If a brand can rent this level and the eye level at the same time, it will get the most sales.

Stoop level

This area is also called the level of children’s vision. Because the access level of children in this area is higher than in others. Sellers should arrange products that are more attractive to children in this section. Because people do not have much desire to bend or are unable to do so due to physical problems. In this section, products with a lower margin and less known brands are placed.

Evidence shows that consumers have learned that sellers place top brands and products in these areas, and this has a significant impact on their purchase evaluation. Brands can attract customers’ attention by using point-of-sale (POS) advertising if they are in the bending or stretching areas.

What do fashion merchandisers do?

So far, you have definitely got the answer to the question of what is fashion merchandising. If you are interested in this field of work, you should know what skills you need to enter its market. In the final part of this article, we will give you a list of what a fashion merchandiser should do and what skills he should have.

Job Responsibilities of a Fashion Merchandiser

  • Creating promotional campaigns
  • Designing store displays
  • Overseeing marketing and advertising efforts
  • Predicting upcoming fashion trends
  • Setting appropriate retail prices
  • Choosing which merchandise to stock
  • Analyzing buying trends
  • Researching fashion trends and customer demographics
  • Going to fashion shows
  • Negotiating with manufacturers
  • Staying within budget

Skills that a merchandiser should have

  • Creativity
  • communication
  • Persuasion
  • Decision-making
  • Attention to detail
  • Analytics

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