What goes with light blue jeans?

what goes with light blue jeans? Light blue jeans are must-haves in every man and woman’s wardrobe. They are comfortable and casual, and also, they go with everything. But it is very important to know what to wear with them and to match them with other pieces of clothing perfectly. You may look casual, smart casual and even business casual based on your light blue jeans outfit. so, depending on the situation, you have to choose your outfit with light blue jeans very carefully. Here, some suggestions are presented for the light blue jeans style.

If you have a pair of light blue jeans in your wardrobe and do not know what to wear with them, read this part.

what goes with light blue jeans?

Light blue jeans and sandals

Light colors are good choices for spring and summer. What is another integral part of summer? Sandals! So, you have to try light blue jeans with sandals one time. You can wear a light blue dress shirt with your light blue jeans, add a leather bag to it, and complete your outfit with a pair of black-heeled sandals to have an astonishing look.

Another good outfit in this category is a multi-colored vertical striped off-shoulder top, light blue jeans, a pair of white leather gladiator sandals, and a silver leather crossbody bag. You can finish this style with a pair of gold earrings to look extra chic.

If you want to add some color to your outfit try a light blue floral long sleeve blouse with your light blue jeans. Spice up your outfit with red suede-heeled sandals. If you are to go to work or study, you can add a white leather satchel bag to the combination.

What goes with light blue jeans

Another colored outfit for when you are out of time would be a white and black horizontal striped long-sleeve t-shirt, light blue jeans, and a green cardigan. For footwear go for a pair of silver leather thong sandals.

Light blue jeans with pumps

Some people think that as jeans are casual you should not wear them with pumps. So, here is a surprise for them: you can wear pumps and still look casual! For people who are into pumps, some styles are given here:

A light blue denim jacket and light blue jeans? Both of them are very functional and they go very well together! Add a black turtleneck and a black leather blazer to the combo. A black leather crossbody bag would also be a good idea. The only thing missed to looks a bit fancier is a pair of black leather pumps.

Formal casual is also possible with light blue jeans. Wear your jeans with a white crew-neck t-shirt and a grey plaid blazer. To wash away the boringness adds black suede pumps to this outfit and you are ready for a less formal – but not casual – work meeting.

Add some colorful pumps to look astonishing. Wear light blue jeans and a white dress shirt. Add a navy blazer to the combo and spice it up with a red leather tote bag. The last thing to bring an extra touch of style is a pair of red suede pumps.

Can I wear light blue jeans with yellow?

If you want to come out of your comfort zone in fashion and stop being conservative about what you wear, try yellow with light blue jeans. It is not only stylish but also beautiful. Here some yellow outfits with light blue jeans are mentioned:

Want to look relaxed? Mix a yellow knit sleeveless top and light blue jeans. Go for brown suede wedge sandals for footwear. You can have accessories like a beige leather satchel bag and white beaded earrings. You can wear the same outfit with blue suede pumps if you alter the bag with a black one.

What goes with light blue jeans

If you want to be super relaxed, wear a short sleeve yellow blouse with light blue jeans and a white blazer. Add an orange rubber satchel bag and white leather flat sandals to the combo.

Light blue jeans with a black belt

If you are one of those women who are used to wearing belts, do not worry. You can wear a belt with your light blue jeans and be stylish. Here some styles are presented for light blue jeans and a black belt:

Are you into burgundy? It is one of the chicest colors. Wear your light blue jeans with a black leather belt and a navy knit turtleneck. Add chicness to your outfit with burgundy leather ankle boots.

Do you want something casual yet modern? Try light blue jeans with a black belt and a black lace bustier top. A pair of white sneakers and a white fleece coat would make your outfit look even more aesthetic.

Even if you are into the red you can have an elegant outfit with your light blue jeans and a black belt. Match a red turtleneck with the combo. Finish it up with a brown print leather tote bag and a pair of red sneakers. If you do not want to have too much red in your outfit, grey sneakers will do too!

Does your belt always have to be black with light blue jeans? Of course not! Wear your light blue jeans with a brown leather belt. To complete your outfit a white double-breasted blazer, a brown leather tote bag, and a pair of beige suede pumps are needed.

If you want to be even more rebellious, wear a dark purple leather belt with your light blue jeans. A white V-neck t-shirt, brown leather flat sandals, and it is done.

Are light blue jeans too casual for a dress shirt?

Absolutely not. You can combine dress shirts and light blue jeans to have a stunning formal casual look. Some outfits with dress shirts are described earlier in this article. Here two more are presented:

Match light blue jeans with a white and red vertical striped dress shirt and a white leather satchel bag. Your style is completed with a pair of white leather ankle boots.

Your other option is to wear a brown plaid dress shirt with light blue jeans. A black leather tote bag and a pair of black leather ankle boots are also needed. Finish this look with a pair of silver earrings to shine like a diamond!

The last suggestion is a white dress shirt, classy anywhere and anytime. Combine a white dress shirt and light blue jeans, add red satin pumps to the equation and no one could look classier than you.

Light blue jeans in winter

As was mentioned, light colors are mostly worn in spring and summer. But that does not mean that you cannot wear them in winter. As long as you look stylish and pay attention to your outfit, it is ok to wear light colors even in winter. Sometimes they are even more elegant. Here some winter styles with light blue jeans are described:

It is winter. So, the most important thing you need to have in your outfit is probably a coat! Wear a dark brown fur coat with your light blue jeans. To look extra fashionable, add a pair of black suede ankle boots to the outfit. a black turtleneck and a black leather clutch must not be forgotten. The only thing left is some extra cold temperature and we are done.

What goes with light blue jeans: tips and tricks

Are you into pink? Many people think it is not appropriate to wear pink in winter. But they have not seen this style. The off-duty pairing of a hot pink fur coat and light blue jeans takes fashion to another level. Add a pair of navy satin ankle boots to the combo and done.

If you are more comfortable with puffers, instead of the pink fur coat, wear a pink puffer jacket with your light blue jeans to look casual yet stylish in no time. The inseparable parts of puffer jackets are Ugg boots. So, try a pair of beige uggs with your outfit. if you are still cold, what do you think about grey wool gloves?

If you think pink jackets and coats are too much but you still want to have something pink, try this one. A white and black fur coat, light blue jeans, an orange hoodie, and last but not least, a pink leather crossbody bag.

Lastly, you can wear light blue jeans with many different pieces of clothing, in summer or winter, to look casual and comfortable or formal casual and classy, and always be stylish. Light blue jeans are an integral part of one’s capsule wardrobe and you must consider buying them if you do not own them at the moment. The styles presented here are just some examples of many and you do not have to limit yourself to them. So long as you look good and you are comfortable your style is acceptable.

At TopLifeTrend magazine, we try to cover the latest developments in the world of fashion and beauty and introduce the top trends. If you have any questions about the light blue jeans outfit or any other suggestions to add some spice to this outfit, you can let us know in the comments section.

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