What color shirt goes with blue jean shorts?

What color shirt goes with blue jean shorts? Blue jean shorts are popular among men and women, especially in summer and in coastal areas. No matter which year it is, a trusty pair of blue jean shorts is always a choice. However, it is very important to have a fashionable style and choose the appropriate shirt for your blue jean shorts.

Jean shorts appeared in the 19th century and are less than a century old. Yet they have found their place in every wardrobe of every man and woman. They have had different styles since they appeared but have been versatile and popular since. Although nowadays all colors of jeans are available, they all originally had a blue shade; and still blue is the most popular color in jeans. So, jean shorts, especially blue ones are not questionable.  The question is actually somewhere else: What color shirt goes with blue jean shorts? Read this article to find out.

What color shirt goes with blue jean shorts?

Blue jeans shorts for men

You can wear different blue jean shorts with different colors of shirts depending on the shade of your jeans. Here, some styles are presented for different blue jean shorts, starting with light blue jean shorts:

Light blue jean shorts and white shirts for men

In order to look more laid-back, you can wear the same light blue jean shorts with a white crew neck. Wear a white long sleeve shirt over it and a pair of tan suede desert boots. For accessories go with light blue sunglasses that match your shorts.

You can also have an edgy look with your blue jean shorts. Match light blue ripped jean shorts with a white vertical striped polo to look fashionable. For footwear go with a pair of white canvas low-top sneakers and do not forget to wear a white bucket hat!

You are out of time and want to wear something without spending too much time rummaging through your closet? Here is your answer. Light blue jean shorts, a white crew neck t-shirt, and a mustard print tank. Finish up with navy leather high-top sneakers, white socks, and a mustard baseball cap.

Light blue jean shorts and other colors

If you want a style for your light blue jean shorts, try this: wear your light blue jean shorts with a pink long-sleeve shirt. You can add white socks and black and white sneakers to this outfit as well.

You can have another style with the same light blue ripped jean shorts. A red crew neck t-shirt and a multicolored camouflage windbreaker are good matches. Wear a pair of black leather desert boots and burgundy socks. To finish it up wear a black bucket hat and transform your outfit effectively.

To look cool and casual you can wear your light blue jean shorts with a navy crew neck t-shirt. Do not forget white socks and white canvas high-top sneakers. To spice it up and look like a cool daddy, wear a light blue baseball cap.

If you are looking for an off-duty collection, marry light blue ripped jean shorts with a charcoal print crew neck t-shirt. Wear a white and blue plaid long-sleeve shirt to look even cooler. The last parts of this outfit would be light blue socks, brown athletic shoes, and a navy and white print baseball cap.

Dark blue jean shorts styles

If you are into colors and also want a casual look, try an orange print short sleeve shirt with your light blue jean shorts. This city casual look needs a crew neck white t-shirt and white socks. For footwear, the best choice would be white low-top sneakers, and do not forget an olive beanie to complete your look!

Dark blue jeans are also popular and stylish. Here are some styles with dark blue jean shorts:

The combination of dark blue jean shorts and a navy shirt jacket is always a winning style. Add to it a white and navy horizontal striped crew-neck t-shirt and white canvas low-top sneakers. And done!

Floral shirts are also outrageously stylish with dark blue jean shorts, especially for when you are on holiday. Wear a navy and white floral short sleeve shirt and a pair of dark blue jean shorts. Do not forget navy canvas sandals and navy sunglasses to finish up your navy style!

Blue jean shorts for women

When it comes to choosing a color for shirts for women that goes with blue jean shorts, there is no limit. Almost every color is stylish and elegant with jeans. And as it is a casual look, nobody can tell you what to wear or what not to wear. However, some styles are discussed here:

Blue jean shorts and white shirts

White is always acceptable and as it is a part of a capsule wardrobe, almost everyone has it. You can wear a white V-neck t-shirt with your blue jean shorts. Wear a charcoal vertical striped blazer to finish this style.

If you want to be casual yet practical, wear your light blue jean shorts with a white crochet crew neck sweater. Also, go for a tan leather crossbody bag to add spice to your style.

A white off-shoulder top is always useful. Wear it with a pair of light blue jean shorts on an off-duty evening. They look fabulous with white and black leather low-top sneakers and a tan leather tote bag.

Blue jean shorts and black shirts

Black is always classy. Want to look beyond cool? Try a black print crew neck t-shirt with light blue jean shorts. Add black tights, black socks, and black leather lace-up flat boots to the combo. A black leather jacket would make this outfit even more fashionable and a tan leopard fur coat takes it to another level. All that is left is a black knit scarf.

If you do not want to look too casual, again you can choose black. A black mesh crew neck t-shirt, light blue jean shorts, black suede ballerina shoes, and a beige straw hat. The only thing left is a beige straw tote bag.

You can be even classier. Choose a black off-shoulder top and a pair of pink embellished suede pumps. Wear them with light blue jean shorts and see the result.

Fashionable and comfortable is a black leather biker jacket with light blue jean shorts. Add to this fabulous combo a black tank, black suede ankle boots, and finally black sunglasses.

Blue jean shorts and red shirts

Red goes well with blue jean shorts too. You can wear light blue jean shorts with a red plaid dress shirt and a black leather belt to have an off-duty night look.

For the ones who are into relaxed outfits, a red and navy plaid dress shirt and light blue jean shorts are the best combos. Tan nubuck lace-up flat boots and a black print leather tote bag should not be forgotten. Spice this outfit up with a grey beanie and black sunglasses.

Too cold for t-shirts but not too cold for jean shorts? Try this outfit: A red wool blazer and light blue jean shorts. Match it with a white Henley shirt and brown leopard suede heeled sandals.

Blue jean shorts and pink shirts

Pink, even the name sounds feminine. So, if you are into jeans and pink shirts, here are some styles for you:

  • Consider wearing a hot pink cardigan with light blue jean shorts. The footwear should be nothing but a pair of white leather flat sandals. And you are ready for an evening at the beach.
  • In order to look more laid-back, try light blue jean shorts with a pink long-sleeve t-shirt. Finish up this style with a beige leather crossbody bag, white leather low-top sneakers, and a silver cap. To look more girly, try pink sunglasses.
  • For a cool and casual outfit go for a pink satin bomber jacket. It perfectly matches blue jean shorts. Wear a white tank under the bomber jacket and try a beige quilted crossbody bag. Finish up with white leather low-top sneakers.

Blue jean shorts and grey shirts

grey is conservative yet versatile. Match a grey crew neck t-shirt with light blue jean shorts. Black leather lace-up ankle boots and a black leather crossbody bag would finish the style perfectly.

For a relaxed dress, opt for a grey cropped top and light blue jean shorts, with a spice of white and black leather low-top sneakers. Best for when in no time.

What color shirt goes with blue jean shorts

As you can see, there are many ways to match different clothes with blue jean shorts for both men and women. As you know jean goes with everything, and so, it is not difficult to find other pieces of clothing to go with them. Blue jean shorts can be used on different occasions, from an off-duty evening to a holiday in a coastal city. The shirts that were presented here were some of the best styles, but you should not limit your choices to these colors; you can wear any color with blue jean shorts as long as you feel comfortable and you like them.

At TopLifeTrend magazine, we try to cover the latest developments in the world of fashion and beauty and introduce the top trends. If you have any questions about blue jean shorts outfits for men and women or any other suggestions to add to our suggestions here, please let us know in the comments section. in your opinion, What color shirt goes with blue jean shorts?

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