What color of shoes goes with everything?

One of the most challenges for every stylish person is how to choose a pair of shoes for every outfit. The problem is that not everyone can have a lot of pairs of shoes so, you would better have a small number of shoes that are versatile and go with everything. So here comes the question: What color of shoes goes with everything?

There is not a single answer to this question as your overall style depends on every piece of clothing that you wear. However, in this article, some general guides are presented that can help you choose the color of your shoes for every outfit.

What are neutral colors?

Before we answer the main question “What color of shoes goes with everything”, you should know the definition of neutral colors. What is a neutral Color?

Neutral colors are muted colors that seem to not have any color but have underlying hues that under different kinds of lighting change. Examples of neutral colors are beige, taupe, gray, cream, brown, black, and white. Although neutral colors are not on the color wheel, they complement primary colors – red, yellow, and blue- and secondary colors – orange, green, and violet.

As neutral colors complement all other colors, if you want a color that goes with everything, you should go for neutral colors, not only for shoes but also for all other pieces of clothing.

What color of shoes goes with everything

Beige shoes

Beige is described in different ways. Some say it is a pale sandy fawn color, some say it is a grayish tan, and there are many other descriptions such as light-grayish yellowish brown, or a pale to grayish yellow. Various descriptions show that it can go with different colors. And every woman should have a pair of beige shoes in her wardrobe.

What color of shoes goes with everything

Some beige shoe styles are listed here:

You can wear a pair of beige sneakers with a lace white midi dress and a denim shirt to look stylish and casual.

You can wear an oversized black sweater with a pair of blue ripped skinny jeans. If you want to look fashionable wear a beige Stetson and add a pair of beige shoes to the mix. But If you want to go for casual you can choose beige sneakers and if you want a less casual look add a pair of beige heels to the mix.

If you are looking for comfort try this style: a black leather bomber jacket and black print skinny jeans. Add a pair of beige sneakers for a more relaxed touch.

Red is always stylish. If you want to look classy and formal, a tan silk button-down blouse and red wide-leg pants are absolute must-haves. Add a pair of beige pumps. you can use the same pair of beige pumps if you are into dresses with a beige coat and a black sheath dress.

Black Shoes

Do black shoes go with everything? Actually, yes! Black shoes go with everything and anything, anywhere and anytime. Here are some styles to go best with a pair of black pumps:

If the situation is off-duty and you want to wear more casual, wear a white shirtdress with black buttons and add a pair of black pumps to finish your outfit. If you want to be more formal try a black sleeveless top and a hot pink suit with a pair of leather black pumps and a leather small purse. You can also look comfortable with black pumps. A beige knit turtleneck and a grey silk dress are easy to set and also very comfortable. Complete your outfit with black pumps and off you go looking smashing.

Styles that go best with a pair of black sneakers:

Wear a black blazer to marry it with black tapered pants for a laid-back outfit. complete your style with a pair of black sneakers. You can also wear skirts if you would like. Pair a white windbreaker and a red pleated midi skirt with a pair of black sneakers and a leather purse. A grey tank and a silver full skirt also look stunning with black sneakers. A blue denim mini skirt with a white and black print crew-neck t-shirt and a pair of black sneakers can do well for a casual afternoon.

White shoes

White shoes are the best parts of a capsule wardrobe. One of the best things about white shoes is that they go with Everything. You can wear them with jeans, a skirt, or even a dress. They are the perfect accessories for any outfit. Some stylish outfits that go with white shoes:

If you are into classic pairings, the combination of a light blue dress shirt and white shorts with a pair of white sneakers is the best. You can also take your casual fashion game to a new level with a white shirt jacket and a teal silk maxi dress and a pair of white sneakers.

What color of shoes goes with everything

White pumps are versatile too. You can wear a pair of white pumps with a pink coat, white skinny jeans, a white scarf, and a leather black purse. Or with a hot pink maxi dress and a black and white striped purse. even with a multi-colored tie-dye dress shirt and a red tie-dye midi skirt for a laid-back combo. Or even a green-yellow blazer with green-yellow Bermuda shorts. See? White pumps go with literally everything.

With white sandals, you can wear anything too. A pink cape blazer, a grey geometric mini skirt, and a small white leather purse are a good combination for white sandals. You can also wear a beige vertical striped linen blazer and beige vertical striped linen dress pants with white sandals. Also, you can wear a white midi dress for a casual outfit with a modern take.

Gold shoes

Gold shows are the fourth most important thing for a capsule wardrobe. To add luxury to your outfit have a pair of gold shoes. Here are some styles with gold pumps:

For a look that’s elegant, reach for a red embellished evening dress with a pair of gold pumps and a pair of shiny earrings. Or go for a gold sequin blazer, blue ripped skinny jeans, a  gold leather purse, and a pair of gold pumps. You can have a casual look with a burgundy embellished turtleneck and red tapered pants and gold pumps.

Here are some styles with gold sandals:

If you want to look casual, go for a black blazer and a black ruffle sheath dress with gold sandals. You can also wear a black sleeveless button-down shirt and a multi-colored knit maxi skirt or even a blue floral midi dress with your gold sandals.

Silver shoes

It is common knowledge that silver shoes can elevate your style. Some outfits that go with silver shoes are:

  • A black oversized sweater and grey plaid dress pants for a casual evening look.
  • A burgundy check dress shirt and a beige floral silk maxi skirt for wearing on a daily basis.
  • A combo of a dark brown leather trench coat and a grey cowl-neck sweater with a silver leather purse.
  • a blue denim double-breasted blazer and blue denim bike shorts with a small leather purse.

Gray shoes

Gray shoes are the perfect neutral. They go with everything and are the last items on this list of shoe colors that go with everything. Some outfits that go with grey pumps are:

  • A grey sleeveless blazer and a black pencil skirt with a hot pink small purse.
  • A pink tulle evening dress, a velvet red heart-shaped handbag, and a pair of shiny earrings.
  • A light blue cropped sweater and light blue boyfriend jeans and a white big purse.

Suggestions for outfits that go with grey sandals are:

  • A light blue tie-dye off-shoulder top and a blue denim mini skirt and a white leather purse.
  • A grey sweatshirt and a silver leather mini skirt for a casual afternoon.
  • A black turtleneck with a black leather pencil skirt and a grey small handbag.

Some outfits that go with grey sneakers are:

  • A grey coat with grey leather skinny pants and a big white leather bag.
  • A casual multi-colored tie-dye crew-neck t-shirt and light blue sweatpants with a black and white backpack.

So, as you can see, there are some colors that go with almost every outfit, every color, everywhere, and every time, and if you want to have a capsule shoe collection keep these colors in mind. There are some other patterns that are also compatible with everything such as snake print shoes and leopard print shoes. So, if your wardrobe is full of the colors mentioned above go for these patterns and match them with almost every other color you have in your wardrobe.

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