What color of sandals goes with everything?

You have selected your favorite outfit, and everything is set, but now you face a new challenge: what sandals should I wear? What color sandals are best for my outfit? In order to get rid of these questions you should have a pair of sandals that matches all your outfits, no matter what the colors are; but, what color of sandals goes with everything?

Well, the first point is that everything is your choice, so, whatever color you like to wear, you can wear it, no matter what other people think. But if you want to have that universally coordinated look, a matching pair of sandals is a must! Read this article to find out what color sandals go with everything.

What color of sandals goes with everything

When you are looking for a color for sandals that go with everything and you want to be on the safe side, you have to go for neutral colors. Neutral colors are colors that look as if they do not have any color but have underlying shades that change under different kinds of lighting. Colors such as white, black, grey, brown and beige are neutral colors. Neutral colors are not on the color wheel; though they balance both primary colors – red, yellow and blue- and secondary colors – orange, green and violet.

If you want to walk out of your safe zone and avoid safe and simple colors, you can also go for colors such as red, pink, yellow and green. Here, first, we talk about neutral colors and then continue with these colors.

White color sandals

It is common knowledge that white goes with everything, so if you want to have a pair of sandals in your wardrobe that helps you get rid of buying new sandals or packing a lot of footwear when going on a trip, you should have white sandals. White is a neutral color that can become a base for any other color, so it is so safe to wear it. You can choose the style of your white sandals according to your taste and wear any white sandals that you like.

In summer, especially if you want to look extra chic, you can pair your sandal with pastel colors to brighten your overall outfit. you can also match it with a white bag to look even more elegant. Do not forget to add accessories such as a scarf or even a cardigan.

Black color sandals

Are you looking for a casual look for a friendly evening with friends? Or are you thinking about your outfit for your friend’s wedding? Actually, it does not matter! Whether you are going for a casual look or a formal occasion, you can benefit from a pair of black sandals. There is one benefit for black sandals over white sandals and that is black sandals do not show dirt or filth as white sandals. That is why they are more appropriate for taking with you on a trip.

Another point about black is that not only is it the symbol of elegance, but also the symbol of strength and sophistication. That is why wearing black gives people confidence. If you can wear a pair of black sandals with a black outfit, you will undoubtedly look fabulous.

Brown color sandals

Brown is less popular than black and white, and it is mostly overlooked. However, it goes virtually with anything from denim to red, from jeans to dresses. And so it should have a place in your wardrobe. It goes best with leather and although many people do not want to even try it once when they start wearing it, they would wear it for life!

As brown has different shades, you can have different choices when it comes to brown sandals, and as brown is one of the dominant colors of nature, it will never make you tired.

All of these reasons are fair enough for at least trying brown sandals for once, and then you can see that they will become the only sandals you will get on your trips with you that go with any color.

Grey color sandals

Even among neutral colors, grey looks more neutral. So if you go for a neutral and basic outfit you should choose a pair of grey sandals. Grey sandals are the best option for going from the office to after-work get-togethers or from work to having fun. They can look formal or casual whether you match them with straight-leg pants and a blouse or with jeans and a blazer.

As grey is something between black and white, it would be best for those who want to avoid both white and black and are more conservative. If you want to get out of your comfort zone and be less conservative and more flashy, go for a pair of silver sandals.

Beige color sandals

Beige with its neutral hue is the color of sandals in your wardrobe that can go with everything. It must definitely be a part of your capsule wardrobe; it also can be worn with various colors and patterns and is downright versatile with many different outfits.

What about bolder colors for sandals?

As was mentioned, to walk out of your comfort zone, you can try colors such as red, yellow, orange or even green. In this part, we take a look at these colors:

Red color sandals

The most eye-catching color is undeniably red! Red, even if it is something small such as a scarf or a pair of sandals can dominate your outfit. Also, it is easily matched not with all but with many colors. You can wear red sandals with black, white or grey outfits. In that case, your sandals rule your outfit and are the centers of attention. You can also wear red sandals with colors that have the same shade such as orange, pink and coral. Colors in the family of blue such as navy look fantastic with red sandals, check navy and outfits if you want to have a spicy yet elegant outfit.

Pink color sandals

Pink is considered a feminine color, which is why you should not be oblivious to pin sandals. They are great for young ladies and anyone who would like to have a feminine ladylike look. They go best with pastel shades such as pastel blue or green and also with orange or coral. You can pair pink sandals with a white outfit for the most feminine look. Do not forget silver and gold outfits to match with pink sandals if you are after a royal look.

Green color sandals

Green, like brown, is a natural color, so everybody’s eyes cherish it. Green goes well with many different colors such as black, blue, brown, yellow and neutral colors. However, never pair green sandals with red outfits as they would be too flashy and make you look like a Christmas tree. Also, avoid green sandals and hot orange outfits for the very same reason.

Blue color sandals

Blue sandals look best with grey and other shades of blue outfits. But make no mistake, there are other colors you can match with blue sandals. Brown, yellow, white, and red outfits look fabulous with blue sandals. Another piece of clothing that should marry blue sandals is a pair of jeans. Not only jeans but any other denim clothing can be paired with blue sandals for an astonishing look.

What about gold color sandals?

You may have wondered why we did not talk about gold sandals so far. Actually, gold is always a clever choice for anybody who sicks elegance. They can make you look outstanding when added to almost any outfit. The best colors of outfit to match with a pair of gold sandals are blue, red, emerald and burgundy. Adding pieces of gold jewelry such as gold earrings or a gold neckless, you can make your look even chicer.


So, as you have read so far, there are some colors for sandals that go with almost every outfit, every color, everywhere and every time and if you want to have a capsule footwear collection keep these colors in mind.

However, as you may have noticed, pairing footwear with different outfits is not an easy task and it is rather tricky. That is why going for neutral colors of footwear would always be a nice choice. This way, you let other parts of your outfit do the talking for you. But, you always have the chance of changing your opinion and going after bolder colors such as red or blue. In the end, it is completely your call. And do not forget that sandals are not just about the color, they come in different styles and if you want, you can choose different styles and let the style do the talking for you.

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