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Behind many wonderful clothing designs are a series of unknown fashion brands few people have heard of. In this article from TopLifeTrend magazine, we will look at three unknown fashion brands that are expected to be household names soon.

Get to know these unknown fashion brands

Igor Chapurin

Russian designer Igor Chapurin was born in Velikiye, Russia, near the border with Belarus. His grandfather was a pioneer and expert in fabric production, and his parents ran their sewing workshop. After studying at the Vitebsk Technological Institute, he graduated; There, he became an expert in designing women’s clothes. In his early 20s, he entered the world of fashion and won the international competition of young designers in Paris. He rejected the offer to work as a designer with Max Mara and said that I see my future in Russia.

In 1995, he held his first collection in the field of haute couture with the name любовь (the word for love). This collection of his was shown love for Russian tradition. With this collection, this Russian designer became an official member of the Russian Haute Couture Fashion Association and won the Golden Award.

Characteristic of Igor Chapurin brand

The emergence of Moscow fashion designer Igor Chapurin coincided with the emergence of Russia as a new luxury market in the fashion industry. The main clients of this designer are from the Russian middle class; as he says, my clients are actors, lawyers, bankers, and managers.

Chapurin, one of the unknown fashion brands, is a stylish, modern yet traditional, nostalgic, and unique brand in Russia. So that this Russian designer shined very well in Paris, Milan, and East Asia, in his collections, he skillfully plays with stereotypes and Russian folk legends. In them, splendor and adornment are dominant and inspired by architectural forms.

The subjects of the Russian designer’s shows are often strong women from Russian culture, such as Anna Karenina and Anastasia. His collections were magical, full of pretense and showing off, far from popular designs. This Russian designer wants to be known for Chagall and Kandinsky (Russian avant-garde, creative and modern artists) instead of being famous for caviar and vodka. In his opinion, Russia should be noted for its creativity and art style.

Olga Vilshenko

Olga Vilshenko became interested in fashion when Russia had no say in this industry. First, he studied finance at the university because there was no fashion design course. Then, after graduating in this profession, he made his way to Russian universities. he was able to reread his favorite subject at the Institute of Fashion and Clothing in Moscow. Then he went to London to complete his studies at one of the prestigious fashion institutes.

Olga says that the first sparks of fashion design came to my mind in the 80s when I was young and watching haute couture shows on TV. Seeing all the beauty of him, who lived in a communist society, mesmerized him. At that time, this Russian designer did not think that the day would come when he would become a fashion expert and clothing designer.

Olga Vilshenko’s source of inspiration

This Russian designer says my mother inspires me; During the communist era, the government was against the specific and different styles of women’s clothing. But my mother and grandmother designed clothes in their style and hand-embroidered at home during that stressful time. My father was firmly against this work and said every day that you turned the house into a sewing workshop.

This made my mother and grandmother open a sewing shop outside the house in the same years. She says my mother became so good at her work that she could embroider a woman’s underwear entirely with the most ancient and traditional motifs.

Brand style Olga Vilshenko

Olga’s tailoring style is transparent, modern and silhouette (in clothing design, meaning the overall view of the clothing and the designer’s line of thought) is elegant, beautiful, and graceful, which combines Eastern traditions with the West.

Unknown fashion brands

In fact, his style is romantic and elegant, and he doesn’t like to show off. Most of her collections are from vintage sources and nostalgia steeped in the 70s, as well as boho and floral styles with beautiful embroideries that she inherited from her mother. Of course, his clothes are expensive because of these traditional values. This Russian designer opened different stores in New York, Milan, and London, believing that this process is essential for my business.

Ulyana Sergeenko

This beautiful Russian designer was born in Kazakhstan during the socialist era of the Soviet Union. His father owned a ceramic factory, and his mother was an English teacher. After the fall of the Soviet Union, he and his family moved to Saint Petersburg.

Her fashion training began when she was a young girl. She said that my grandmother taught me sewing at the same time. However, due to the socialist era, there were only two magazines in Russia, “Working Women” and “Village Women”, so women had to sew their clothes with their designs.

Unknown fashion brands

This brand is one of the unknown fashion brands. Ulyana was known for her exceptional design, tailoring, and unique alteration of dress patterns at school. He always liked to dress non-traditionally; Frequent changes in patterns made him more creative in designing and sewing. He always jokes that I was born into the world of fashion.

Ulyana Sergeenko was a staunch fan of haute couture and her designs combined different elements. It incorporates traditional Russian style on one hand and modernity on the other. Her emphasis on the hourglass shape in her clothes and the incorporation of handmade laces, hand crocheted, intricate embroidery, and painted porcelain buttons make her designs even more special. The fundamental principles of this Russian designer’s work are meticulous attention to detail and quality. Due to the restrictions in society, he used to buy fabrics from France, Italy, and Japan.

In 2011, one of her designs, a fusion of street style and the iconic babushka (grandmother in Russian) style, inspired by the 50s, was recorded and immortalized. His work on a woman with golden makeup, blue eyes, and hijab on her head was so beautiful and memorable that it attracted the attention of photographers and her fame in fashion circles.

Professional activity of Ulyana Sergeenko

When Ulyana married billionaire Russian businessman Khachaturov, she soon became an important client of fashion houses such as Jean Paul Gaultier, Chanel, Valentino, and Givenchy. Ulyana says that my source of inspiration, whom I love, is John Galliano; like him, I am a dreamer and design using imagination and literature. He presented his couture collection in Moscow in 2012, then in Paris the same year. Soon he opened his own stores all over the world.

Beyoncé wore Ulyana’s dress in one of her music videos; Also, Lady Gaga, Kim Kardashian, and Natalia Vodianova (Russian supermodel) are among his brand’s clients is one of, unknown fashion brands. Apart from the Ulyana clothing brand, she opened her runway design studio. He and his wife are of the wealthiest people in Russia, whose bank account reached 208 billion dollars this year. Even Ulyana and two other designers are known as the fashion mafia in Russia.

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