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In the past decades, fashion trends and their changes were presented through fashion houses to magazines, and finally to people. Today this trend has undergone significant changes. Influencers, virtual networks, augmented reality and metaverse have transformed the evolving world of fashion. However, the impressive styles seen during fashion shows, especially during the fashion week of the world’s capitals, are one of the ways to know the trends for spring summer 2022.

Although stars and celebrities appear in haute couture on the red carpet, the street style of the participants of these events is a great source of inspiration for us. Street-style fashion shows are a good space to show off the creativity of designers and brands.

In the street style of this season’s fashion show, the boundaries of clothing with the label of sexism have been removed. Clothes that were previously known as women’s labels can be seen in men’s styles too.

Since the nature of fashion is constantly changing, the trends and changes of the next season are important topics for designers, manufacturers, and consumers. In this article, we try to keep you in sync with the changes in fashion trends so that you can benefit from the latest changes in your field of interest.

Trends for spring summer 2022 in color

Among the common colors in the coming season are orange, royal blue, indigo blue, yellow, grass green, and lime green, along with natural neutral colors. What was seen among the street style of the participants in the fashion shows of this period was black, white, and different shades of white in the form of one or two items or monochrome styles. In the meantime, red, orange, green, royal blue, indigo, saturated magenta, camel, and caramel were other colors used in the street style of the fashion shows.

Trends for spring summer 2022 in patterns

Last season, we saw a lot of patterns being used. This season, compared to the previous season, the intensity of its use has decreased a little. One of the popular patterns left over from last season is the plaid pattern. It is especially for jackets and skirts, and traditional forty-piece patterns.

Prints, repeating patterns, and patterned knits with a sunset color tone, reminiscent of the colorful and wonderful hippie style of the past, are among the trend patterns of the upcoming season. Among the designs used in street style, the Diamond pattern can be seen in the street style of some recent shows. It is especially in Paris haute couture and New York ready-to-wear.

The black and white pattern in the form of balls, horizontal or vertical stripes, and graphics were used strikingly in the street style. This is suitable for different situations of daily use and parties.

Trends for spring summer 2022 in clothing

1. The y2k trend is back in 2000

Whether we like it or not, the Y2K look is back. Y2K stands for “the year 2000” and this style was formed from the late 90s to the early 2000s from pop culture. Its separation point was in the “street style culture” and “luxury style” of that time. This style includes shirts, bras, short skirts, tight and cropped tops, shiny material, chunky linen shoes, pleated skirts, baguette bags, loose jeans, and short crotch.

2. White dream trend

A look of bright style with one or two white items, white monochrome, or different tones is one of this season’s trends. White clothes are styled with shirts, suits, overcoats, blouses, and pants in a single color or a combination of colors or patterns that match it.

3. Cat clothes trend

Stretchy, body-hugging, and tight-fitting clothes, simple or patterned, will be among the other trends of this season. These clothes, with a new approach to showing the body, make it possible for us to move easily.

4. Coat trend

This spring, according to the street style of the recent fashion shows, we are expected to see coats with two types of oversize and body-fit cuts. This season’s oversized jackets are a continuation of the past trend. This has been used in the recent street style trends for spring summer 2022 shows with a set of monochrome black, white and tan.

Trends for spring summer 2022

One of the trends of this season that can be seen in the street style of the recent shows is jackets with a cut that fits the body and shoulder. It shows your body shape. The strong presence of the suit along with bra, top, and blouse was one of the visible styles of these seasons. Suits with narrow striped fabric and cropped jackets on waistline lines or slightly higher were still visible in the street style fashion shows.

5. Pants trend

Wide pants and skirts are one of the trends of this season. It can be styled with a blouse, jacket, or oversize coat and fit in monochrome or with color harmony. Straight or oversize jeans were also seen in the street style of recent shows. Shorts will be another interesting trend of the coming season. It can be styled with jackets and vests.

6. Bag trend

This year’s trend is not much different from last year. Avant-garde seasoning in the 2022 trend is vintage revived bags, box bags with a turned edge, and crescent moon bags. The colors of bags were also an independent and influential element in the street style of this period.

It seems that these large and curved bags, which do not have a regular and specific shape and appearance, are among the popular trends. Trend bags with slouchy styles are a perfect combination between comfort and style.

Square structured bags are back in 2022, proving once again that fashion and function go hand in hand. This model of the 2022 trend bag has a very neat and stylish shape and appearance. For this reason, it can be one of the best options for the workplace or university. These bags were given an aesthetic upgrade by fashion houses such as DIOR, HERMÈS, and Prada.

Trends of 2022 in Accessory

One of the 2022 accessory trends is wide belts, derived from the Y2K aesthetic in black and brown, white, or the same color as the dress. Among the street style fashion shows, the use of these belts was styled along with long knitted jackets.

Among other accessories used in the street style of recent shows, Prada-colored gloves and long gloves can be mentioned. The beret hat along with the net on the face was one of the accessories used by the participants of the Paris Haute fashion show. Trends for spring summer 2022 in accessories are eye-catching.

Large gold metal ornaments including brooches, earrings, necklaces, wide chain chokers or double chains, buttons, gold earrings, and pearl ornaments for necklaces, earrings, and bracelets were a noticeable part of people’s style.

Trends of 2022 in makeup

Most of the world’s hairdressers and make-up artists have predicted this year as a brilliant year. Most of them believe that this year, a bright look should be used for make-up. For example, lip make-up is moving towards bright or shiny make-up.

This season we will see the use of irregular eyeliners in the summer of 2022. If you are using this style of makeup this summer, we congratulate you because you are moving into the makeup trend.

According to the experts’ survey, in the new year, most of those who do face makeup will say goodbye to heavy makeup. There is no news of matte makeup this summer. Instead of using matte makeup, they will move towards bright faces and light makeup. It is called makeup without makeup.

The good news about this is that this style of makeup means that trends for spring summer 2022 can completely help those who are amateurs in makeup. They can be completely compatible with the summer makeup trend of 2022.

This makeup style helps you in the summer so that you don’t have to worry about your makeup falling off or flaking. You can safely use sunscreen creams and renew them. You must know that using sunscreen creams and renewing them will not spoil the contour on the face and you can renew it with peace of mind.

Of course, we should also mention that the classic makeup styles that are special for the summer season will be used again this season. Flushed cheeks and the use of bronze shades and bright colors can all return in the simplest possible way this season. In other words, these makeup styles can be fully compatible with the 2022 trend.


The world of fashion is always changing. Those who prioritize being up-to-date and modern should accompany these changes. If you are interested in fashion, it is enough to follow the seasonal trends of each year especially trends for spring summer 2022. Bags, shoes, jackets, patterns, and makeup all have a place in these trends. If you are interested in the world of fashion, be with us to know the best and latest in this world.

At TopLifeTrend magazine, we try to cover the latest developments in the world of fashion and beauty and introduce the top trends. If you have a comment on this article, please feel free to share it with us.

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