A comprehensive guide to fashion color trends 2022

One of the most important things to consider when choosing clothes is the choice of color. You may pay more attention to a style in terms of gender. But it is also essential to pay attention to the fact that the colors match. Anyone who cares a little about style and matching colors also cares about what colors are trending this year. So stay with us to introduce the fashion color trends 2022 to you in this article.

Color of the year 2022, very charming perry!

The color of the year 2022 has been chosen once again by the Pantone Institute, which can be seen in its exploration and dynamics. This year’s color is a vibrant purple-blue (very perry) that evokes creativity, the digital world, and new technologies that have many applications in today’s modern life.

But apart from the color of the year, according to fashion designers, lemon is one of the colors you will see more than others this year. Lime green (meaning a green with more yellow undertones, like a lemon), saturated yellow (representing a yellow that doesn’t mix with any Hue, even with white and you see pure yellow), classic green, and bold orange (a color close to the color of the sunset), are among the colors that were presented in the 2022 runways for fashion color trends 2022.

Remember that the colors we mention are colors and analyses that have been adapted from the runways of famous global brands and follow experts’ opinions. So you can have them in your wardrobe this year.

Why is fashion color trends 2022 very perry?

The Pantone Institute is known as an essential fashion authority and the introduction of the color of the year, which determines a color every year according to various social events. Last year, gray and bright sunny yellow colors were introduced, and the reason for this issue was a kind of transition from the Corona situation.

In simpler terms, the color gray was a sign of sadness and depression of staying at home due to the corona disease. In the meantime, the vibrant color of sunny yellow showed the way to escape from collective sadness and depression. As we have seen, in 2021, many events were done to eliminate the corona disease, and the most important event was the expansion of mass vaccination. For this reason, Corona still existed with its gray color, But with the vaccine’s arrival, life took on a bright sunny yellow color, and the world began to move.

This year, the color of the year 2022, introduced by the Pantone Institute, is an attractive violet-blue color that symbolizes changes in the world. During the last two years, the world has gone through severe isolation due to the corona disease. However, everything is passed in uncertainty, sadness, and depression. So in the meantime, the world will take on a new color with changes in vaccination.

About fashion color trends 2022

On his runway, Christian Siriano paired a lemon midi dress with a hat in the same color. Proenza Schouler used orange in its collection. With this, he made many people want to use this color. Jason Wu showed how cool it could be to wear yellow. In the end, Yuhan Wang presented Kelly green (Kelly is a name that is called green tea in English) so beautifully that it cannot be easily passed.

The colors we mentioned as the spring and summer color trends of 2022 are not only used in shirts; you can coordinate all kinds of blouses and any piece of your clothes with these colors and their shades. We will now go to fashion color trends 2022 and talk a little about it with you. Along with color trends, we examine the fabric designs that have been trending on the runways this year so that you’ll know what to choose when you’re trying to make a choice.

Fashion color trends 2022

royal blue; A color that has always been of interest

We indeed talked about Kelly green, but royal blue is a color that can easily take its place. Lacoste and Loewe brands explored the primary color in their spring-summer 2022 collections and chose royal blue as their fall-winter color. For this reason, you should expect this color to appear in clothes from spring and summer to be introduced as the primary color in autumn and winter. When matching royal blue, be careful about matching it with red and white.

fashion color trends 2022

Lime green; The color that continued from last year

The dull sage color was one of the colors that became a trend last year and had many fans. For this reason, designers did not give up on this color and chose one of its shades as the color trend for spring and summer 2022. The green color introduced this year as Fashion color trends 2022 is lime green. Prabal Gurung and Christian Siriano showcased this color with satin midi dresses in their spring-summer 2022 collection. The designers’ suggestion for matching shoes with this color is black or white.

Passionate orange; A color that calls everyone to own it

Sunset orange will stop you from choosing dull colors. Instead, you can choose orange trend 2022 as your favorite color and wear it from head to toe. Collina Strada and many other designers showcased orange as a monochromatic color in their Spring/Summer 2022 collection. If you also like to use this color as a single color, you can choose your shoes and bag in the same color. But if you are looking for contrast, you can pair black or blue shoes with them.

fashion color trends 2022

Azure blue; Have the sea in the closet!

You might ask yourself, what is the difference between blue colors, but according to those looking for fashion and trends, shades of blue are different. For example, there is a difference between indigo blue and royal blue, and you can choose both or whichever suits your taste better. Designers such as Balenciaga, Nina Ricci, Stella McCartney, and Rokh all showed different colors of blue in their spring and summer 2022 shows, including royal blue and azure blue.

bright yellow; eye-catching color

Bright yellow is one of the color trends of spring and summer 2022, and it is a color that, when you wear it, gives the viewer the feeling of the bright sun. By wearing this color, you will be the center of attention. In 2021, muted yellow was one of the stylish options for style, but in spring and summer 2022, you can have the same feeling by wearing neon yellow. Jason Wu, Sergio Hudson, and Rodarte showcased shades of this yellow in their spring and summer collections. Wu showed off the color in an off-the-shoulder dress, Hudson in a perfect pantsuit, and Rodarte in a beaded gown. In this way, they showed that you could have a yellow color in your style with any style you like. The yellow color makes your mood go up.

fashion color trends 2022

fashion color trends 2022 and matching it with other colors

Although the final decision-maker in the matching color in your clothes is you, choosing colors that harmonize beautifully and show better results is better. Very perry offers you a sense of relaxation and energy simultaneously. The use of blue and red colors in the making of this color has made it lively and dynamic at the same time.

In addition to presenting the color of the year 2022, the Pantone Institute has proposed interesting options for matching very perry with other colors. In other words, the colors known as complementary colors have been introduced by this institution to make it easier for you to match and have a more beautiful effect on your clothing style. For example, the colors that are suitable for pairing with very perry color include:


White can always be used with any color. It doesn’t matter if you want to use this color in home decoration or match it with very perry color or any other color. However, white is always with you, and as a neutral color in complete silence, it has a lot to say about improving the style of your clothes.

You can consider several choices for using this color. For example, if you have a sports coat with a blue-purple hue, pair it with simple white linen. Also, a white shawl can complete this sporty and straightforward style.

pale pink

You might imagine that to choose an attractive style; you should select colors opposite to the very perry color; While this is not the case. For example, if you wear a purple dress, you can use pale pink color in your other clothes and accessories to complement it. For example, a beautiful scarf with small designs and the light pink background color is an attractive option to coordinate with fashion color trends 2022.

Green color spectrum

The green color in its different ranges is an excellent option to pair with the very perry color. If you’re planning to make yourself a cheerful spring dress, don’t just limit yourself to purple. Be a little creative and use other fabrics in pale to bold green. At the same time, if you plan to sew a formal or sports coat, you can choose the primary material in purple and the outer fabric in green.

In addition to the mentioned colors, many options in front of you can be beautiful and special next to the purple color. It is enough to be creative in your sewing art and taste. Be sure that the result will be beautiful and you will be happy with it.

fashion color trends 2022: color palette

When we talk about color palette trends, we are no longer talking about just one color. Instead, you can see several colors inspired by different subjects in the color palette. These subjects can be from the past, a work of art, or a style that is more popular these days. Here, we are not only talking about one color but also looking at colors thematically. Jenny Clark, Head of Color at WGSN, says that next season’s shades will be driven by a desire to balance and be energetic.

Inspired by the Renaissance

Renaissance is one of the styles that entered the fashion world this year with a modern combination. If we want to express it in simple language, it means to use the style of designs and patterns of the Renaissance era in a stylish and modern way in the spring and summer of 2022. The renaissance color palette includes nostalgic colors that are seen in futuristic designs. You must be asking what colors the palette consists of. You imagine a palette of bright primary colors and gemstone colors.


The second subject is the environment around us. In this palette, we value the colors most in our surroundings and use them as a color theme. This palette evokes a sense of peace and security. Blue and gray are used as the main theme, and purple and lavender colors influence the upper layer. The color that is slightly different from the second theme is orange. Next to this color palette is brown. When these colors are applied to the fabric, they create a different visual effect.

fashion color trends 2022


The third theme that has been proposed as fashion color trends 2022 is inspired by natural colors. This theme combines natural and neutral colors, including orange and green. When you hear the name of these colors, you might think they have a wild feeling, but that’s not the case. When these colors are combined with turquoise, they give you a sense of security.

What do you think about fashion color trends 2022? At TopLifeTrend magazine, we try to cover the latest developments in the world of fashion and beauty and introduce the top trends. If you have a comment on this article, please feel free to share it with us.

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