Casual black female shirt outfit

what is a Casual black female shirt outfit? Most people consider black a classy color. It is indeed. But if you are into black and you like wearing casual, can you wear a casual outfit which is black?

What is a casual outfit?

A casual outfit means clothes or shoes that are suitable for everyday life rather than formal events. Normally, when people say casual outfit, a pair of jeans and a T-shirt come to mind. But it is not just that. Anything that looks nice and you feel comfortable in can be casual, such as jeans, sweaters, sneakers, T-shirts, and mini dresses. However, it is not recommended to wear flip-flops, ripped shirts and jeans, or T-shirts with offensive words printed on them. Also, gym wear is a completely different category and it is not considered casual.

The casual outfit itself has different subcategories like smart casual and business casual.

What is smart casual?

If we assume that on the formality scale, the formal outfit score is 10 and the casual outfit score is one, Smart casual would be like two or three. It is a casual outfit that is designed with something formal. It is suitable for when you want to be casual but not just too casual. To have n smart casual outfit, you can simply wear a pair of jeans and a casual shirt with some pieces of stylish accessories or even a pair of heels.

What is business casual?

Business casual is more formal than smart casual, yet still, it is considered casual not formal. You can wear this outfit for events that you want to be formal, but also, comfortable, or you think that if you wear completely formal you will be a bit overdressed. Just like smart casual, in business casual, you mix formality with casual. For example, you can wear a blazer with a nice jean skirt, a pair of heels and a nice watch.

So, as you see you can wear many different things and yet it is considered casual. But what if you want to look casual wearing a black shirt? What can you wear with a black shirt to have a casual outfit?

Casual black female shirt outfit choices

Black shirt and red pants

If you like wearing casual, having a black shirt and a pair of red pants in your wardrobe is a must. You will look not only stylish but also stunning in your black and red outfit. Your pants can be a pair of chinos or a pair of plain cotton pants depending on the situation. You will look more business casual wearing your black shirt, red chinos, and black leather heels and more casual in your black shirt, plain red cotton pants, and black sneakers. The choice is yours.

Black shirt and black pants

It never bothers to be all black, whether it is formal or casual. But in case of casual, you can wear your black shirt with a pair of skinny black trousers. If you are into leather pants, your black pants could be leather. Complete your stylish look with a pair of black earrings and black heels.

Black shirt and jeans

Jeans are inseparable parts of wearing casual. But what jeans to wear with a Casual black female shirt outfit? Actually, you have many options here. The most conservative choice would be a pair of black jeans with a pair of black heels. If you are more into classic looks you can wear your black shirt with a pair of white skinny jeans and a leather bag. If you do not want to look that classic, a pair of blue acid-wash jeans will do. You can smarten up your outfit with a pair of black heels immediately, no matter which of the aforementioned jeans you are wearing.

Casual black female shirt outfit

Wearing a pair of blue ripped jeans is also a very good way to look cool! You can add a pair of black heels to it to spice it up.

Black shirt with an overall dress

A pair of black leather boots, a black shirt, a knit overall khaki dress, and a small black backpack. All makings of a cozy fall afternoon. If you want to look casual yet stylish do not miss this style.

Black shirt and shorts

A black shirt and a pair of bike shorts are stylish yet simple. You can wear a black sweater over it if you want to avoid the evening breeze. Also depending on your taste you can make it smarter or more casual by choosing to wear a pair of black heels or a pair of black sneakers. A pair of black leather boots will do too.

Black shirt and skirts

Are you into skirts? If so, you can wear your black shirt with a mini, a midi or a maxi skirt. If you are into boho style and enjoy harmony, you must go for a black embroidered mini skirt that goes with your black shirt harmoniously. You can complete your style with a suede shawl on your shoulders and a pair of suede boots that cover up to over your knees. If you want to look even more western, you can add a Stetson black hat to the style to look simultaneously casual and western. If you do not want to look that western alter the embroidered mini skirt with a denim mini skirt and forget about the hat! Sequin black mini skirt would be a good option too; especially with a pair of black leather boots.

You can also complete your black shirt outfit with a midi skirt. Again here, you will be grasp-worthy with a midi blue denim midi skirt and a pair of black heels, and a leather purse. If you want to look more business casual go with a white midi skirt, a leather bag, and a pair of black heels. Another good choice for looking casual and smart casual is wearing a pleated black or grey midi skirt with your black shirt. Spice that look up with a pair of shiny black heels.

Also, if you are into floral patterns a floral midi skirt looks stunning with a black shirt as long as the dominant color of the skirt is black. As black and red go very well, you can choose a black shirt with a black floral midi skirt that has red flowers on it. Complete your style with a pair of red heels and a red purse. If you want to look smarter you can add some accessories to your style.

If you want to look beyond stylish just wear a maxi skirt with your black shirt. Keep in mind that it would be better not to choose a black skirt. Any other color would be accepted. And choose your footwear based on the color of your maxi skirt.

Black shirt and sunglasses

Whether you want to look completely casual, smart casual, or business casual, a pair of well-fitted sunglasses can help. You can always wear a pair of black sunglasses. But also, you can wear sunglasses in the same color as other parts of your outfit. For example, if you wear khaki pants, you can benefit from a pair of khaki sunglasses.

Black shirt and burgundy

You will be surprised how stylish you look in a black shirt and a pair of burgundy dress pants. Although it is not that casual, it is the most suitable outfit for an evening out. You can wear this outfit either with a pair of black or burgundy loafers. If you want to look even smarter you can alter the loafers with a pair of heels. A burgundy leather purse will do too.

Black and gray and white

If you want to have a capsule wardrobe, you should fill it with black, gray, and white. They are easily matched and you can make thousands of outfits using only these three colors. So, if you want to wear a black shirt and look casual, all you have to look for is a pair of casual white or grey pants and/or a pair of white or gray shoes, boots, or heels. You can wear your shoes the same color as your shirt or pants. If you want to smarten it up, you can add a small piece of accessories, like a watch or a pair of earrings.

Casual black female shirt outfit and sandals?

You can wear sandals with your black shirt and look cool. But, be careful that wearing flip-flops is not allowed under any condition. For all the aforementioned outfits you can replace the heels with heeled sandals if you want. The choice between heels and heeled sandals is always yours.

Casual black female shirt outfit

As you can see, there are many ways to have a casual black female shirt outfit. As black goes with every color, it is not difficult to find other pieces of clothing to go with it. Also, as casual wear includes a wide range of clothes, you can add almost anything to it and still look casual.

If you have any questions about the casual black female shirt outfit or any other suggestions to spice up this outfit, please let us know in the comments section. At TopLifeTrend magazine, we try to cover the latest developments in the world of fashion and beauty and introduce the top trends. If you have a comment on this article, please feel free to share it with us.

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