Applying eye shadow for older woman

As you reach the age of 50, your skin care needs to change. Aged skin is usually dry and has more wrinkles. Hence, flawless makeup, especially around the eyes, can seem complicated. However, using the proper techniques, you can achieve beautiful eye makeup and help you feel more attractive and confident. Stay with us to explain the best method for Applying eye shadow for older woman.

The first step of Applying eye shadow for older woman: skin preparation

1. Wash your face with a mild cleanser and dry it

If you want your makeup to look natural and beautiful, you should start by cleaning your skin. First, wash your face with a mild cleanser. Then, as your skin gets drier, it is recommended that you use a hydrating cleanser.

Applying eye shadow for older woman

After washing your face, use a soft towel to dry it. Do not rub the towel on your face because this will stretch the skin, especially around the eyes.

2. Apply a thin layer of moisturizer to your skin

Hydrated skin looks healthier. So after washing your face, use a moisturizing cream. It is essential to use it under the eyes. If you have dry, sagging, loose skin, your wrinkles will be more visible. In addition, the foundation sticks to the wrinkles around the eyes and makes them stand out.

During the day, it’s a good idea to use a particular product, such as moisturizers that contain sunscreen. Choose a product with at least SPF 30.

You can also use firming or lifting cream around the eyes at night.

3. Apply a thin layer of eyeshadow base or primer on your lids

If the purchased product was in the form of a tube, press a very small amount on your finger or brush, and if the product was not in the form of a tube, drag the brush over the product. Either way, apply primer or eyeshadow base to your lids above the lashes. Then fade it upwards. This will make your eyes look more beautiful.

As you get older, the skin on your eyelid becomes thinner and, therefore, more transparent. This means they look slightly purple, blue, or red. An eyeshadow base or primer helps with coverage, creating a smooth canvas for makeup, and making you look fresher and younger.

Be sure to gently apply the primer or eyeshadow base behind your eyelid and make sure it doesn’t crease.

4. Do your face makeup after completing the eye makeup

When you use eye shadow on your lids, it may fall on your cheeks and under your eyes. This condition is called eyeshadow fallout; if you have applied foundation or concealer before that, it will have negative consequences. If you apply your eyeshadow first, you can prevent it from falling off before applying other makeup.

Applying eye shadow for older woman

It can also emphasize dark circles under the eyes and make you look tired or sick.

The second stage Applying eye shadow for older woman: choosing and using eye shadow

1. Use natural and warm colors

Since dark circles under the eyes and the eyelid color are often cool, using warm shades will make you look younger and fresher. Look for shades like gray, red-brown, bronze, and gold to give your eyes a certain warmth and freshness.

Applying eye shadow for older womanAvoid purple colors, as they make dark circles appear more prominent.

The color of your skin affects the color of your eyes. So try different shades to find the best color.

2. Apply a thin layer of eye shadow behind your eyelid

To avoid heavy and thick makeup, apply a small amount of the color you like with your finger to the back of your eyelid. Swirl a small, fluffy makeup brush over your eyeshadow and blend it well. Use the edge of the palette to pick up shadow additions. Then apply the other colors to the brush and the back of your eyelid to find the color you want.

Applying eye shadow for older woman

If you have loose or wrinkled skin, using eyeshadow will only emphasize them.

You can use this approach whether you’re going for a subtle, natural look, a smoky eye, or heavy, thick makeup.

3. For more areas, use matte eye shadow

Avoid shimmery eyeshadows if you have fine lines, wrinkles, or skin problems, as these areas draw more attention. Instead, use matte eyeshadow sparingly. That way, you can apply attention where you like.

Applying eye shadow for older woman

Although you should avoid anything flashy, you can help your eyes shine and light up by applying a minimal amount of eyeshadow to the center of your eyelid.

4. Try to use a medium-colored eye shadow for a natural look

Dip the brush in caramel, blush, or bronze eye shadow. Then draw it on the outer corner of your eye, right on your lash line. Drag the eye shadow brush inward and upward and blend it. Continue adding thin layers of shadow until you’re happy with your look.

While you can use any color in your eyeshadow palette, unknowingly using colors that don’t match can make your eyes look dull and ugly.

As the skin around your eyes begins to lose elasticity, it’s natural to feel dry. With this, the wrinkles on your eyelids become more prominent.

Doing traditional eye shadow, i.e., using lighter colors on the eyelid and darker colors on the lash line, will emphasize the crease more.

5. For a more natural finish, use a cream eye shadow

The cream shade gives your eyes a natural and soft look. Keep in mind that the result may take some time. Put the brush into the container. Apply it to your eyelid. You can apply eyeshadow with a brush, a damp Beauty Blender sponge, or your fingers. Keep the color darker in the outer corners of the eye and use lighter shades as you go inward.

Applying eye shadow for older woman
Applying eye shadow for older woman

Powder eyeshadow can settle into wrinkles and make your eyes look dry. Primer can help prevent your eyes from drying out. But if you have noticed a more severe problem, it is better to use cream eye shadows because it is the best choice.

The third step: Applying eye shadow for older woman: completing the face makeup

1. Shape and fill your eyebrows

Your eyebrows are naturally thin as you age and may not grow back after plucking or waxing. Fill them in with a brush dipped in powder, pencil, or eyebrow gel. Cover the scattered spots, especially the areas near the tail of your brow. The bottom of the eyebrow is where it thins the most.

Avoid very dark colors. Using colors 1-2 degrees lighter than your hair or eyebrow color is better. Please don’t make your eyebrows too thick, as it will make you look unnatural.

2. Curl your eyelashes to make your eyes look wider

Put your eyelashes in the curler, close your eyes and hold it for about 10 seconds. Then, do the same for the other eye. For more and more absolute beauty, you can use mascara for your eyes.

If you have curled your lashes, you don’t need to use as much mascara. This will make your eyelashes look beautiful and impressive.

Applying eye shadow for older woman

To lift more eyelashes, use a heated curler. You can use a dry mascara applicator if you don’t have it available. Hold the applicator under your eyelashes and hold the hair dryer on it for 15 seconds at a distance of 10 cm to set it. It is recommended to be very careful in doing this.

3. Use a lengthening mascara to show off your lashes

Since your lashes become sparser as you age, volumizing and lengthening mascara is a great way to help them. Press the mascara applicator to the base of your lash, then drag it upwards to coat each lash with mascara.

Mascara opens your eyes and makes your eyes look younger and more beautiful.

Avoid applying multiple layers of mascara, as this will make your lashes look thick and stick together.

4. Use the eyeliner to draw the line and the ear eraser to spread it

It’s difficult to draw a straight line on aging skin because your eyelid skin softens and begins to wrinkle over time. Instead, use a soft, bold eyeliner and apply it all over your lid. Then use an ear eraser or an angled eye brush to blend it. With this method, your eyeliner will be uniform.

You can also use black or dark brown eye shadow for this.

You can do this for your upper and lower lashes.

5. Draw nude eyeliner with a pencil or shadow inside your eyes

Draw a thin line inside your eye (the distance between the lashes and the eye), or you can draw a thin line just above your lower lashes. This will make your whole face look beautiful and fresh.

Applying eye shadow for older woman

Due to the immobility of the eyes, tears may flow from them, and your eyeliner will be erased. So do it quickly.

Draw the eyeliner gently and delicately for a younger look.

6. Apply concealer in a V shape under your eyes to hide dark circles

Use a concealer 1-2 shades lighter than your skin and apply it in a V shape from under the eyes to the top of the cheeks. Then, blend it entirely with your fingers or a damp Beauty Blender sponge. This will help cover dark circles under the eyes and make them look brighter.

Applying eye shadow for older woman

Since the skin under the eyes becomes thinner after age 50, dark circles under the eyes can form and worsen if you already have them. These rings look like bruises and make you look more tired.

If you are going to use foundation, it is better to use it at this stage.

7. Adjust the concealer with a light powder cream

Tap some of the powder creams on your face with a makeup brush. Then, gently apply it under your eye area where you applied the concealer. This helps to set the concealer in place and also helps prevent eyeshadow, mascara, and eyeliner from smudging throughout the day.

Applying eye shadow for older woman

By following these steps, you can easily Apply eye shadow for older woman. At TopLifeTrend magazine, we try to cover the latest developments in the world of fashion and beauty and introduce the top trends. If you have a comment on this article, please feel free to share it with us.

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